Yoga for Dementia and Alzheimer

There is no cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


There is no cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

 There is none. But, there are a wide variety of ways, that are very effective and can help prevent these conditions from crippling your mind. One of these practices is Yoga. Meditation improves brain function by forming new connections that help improve neuroplasticity, which aids in the brain’s recovery after an injury.

 Prevention is Better Than Cure! 

The physical practice combined with breathing exercises develops not just the body, but the mind’s awareness. As an individual discovers new possibilities of oneself in the physical practice of Yoga, his/her brain is opened to new connections and patterns that stimulate its functioning. Stress-related hormones can be very detrimental to a brain’s physical structure. It can cause inflammation in the central nervous system that leads to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Breathing exercises are very effective in calming the mind and killing stress out of the system. When these two are properly practiced together, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are preventable.

 Ease Out the body. Protect the Mind.

Here are some effective types of Yoga that can help save you from losing your brain’s normal capabilities. These are very easy to follow. So, there is really no way you can have any excuse if you want to practice.

 These Yoga practices are also beneficial both to patients who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s, and their caregiver(s). The practice can be very challenging because a patient’s basic communication and motor skills can be affected by their conditions. But with proper approach and guidance, practicing Yoga can help ease out symptoms and develop basic motor and communication skills. The joyful environments, along with slight touches of care from people who love their patients, are the best way to show that a patient is valued and cared for.

 Breathing Awareness. This practice helps a patient(s) to rediscover physical senses and his/her thoughts. Breathing exercise or pranayama(s) are very easy to follow and can be performed based on the patient’s abilities. Caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia is very stressful and draining. Breathing exercises target the parasympathetic system of the brain which triggers the body and mind to relax and let go of tensions. This also helps a patient(s) develop calmness while driving their worries and anxiety away.

 Laughter Yoga. Laughter is the best medicine. This type of Yoga is performed by laughing pretentiously which leads to real laughter. Laughter Yoga aims to improve the physical and psychological state of a patient and their caregiver(s). Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are often lost and in another reality. Their families are having a hard time to communicate due to the lack of expressions and emotions from a patient. Laughing exercises the muscle in the face and the mind. Most families who practice Laughter Yoga with their unstable loved ones are very happy to have a laugh together after a very long time. At the end of the sessions, participants are encouraged to clap. Some patients can actually clap even though their motor skills are impaired. This is made possible through the help of laughter and the positivity and energy it spreads throughout the mind and body.

 Yoga Postures/Asana(s). Yoga poses works on the physical aspect of an individual. But remembering things can be a very hard task for dementia/Alzheimer’s patients. Practicing Yoga poses can be challenging but very beneficial. Introducing the brain to new things helps rejuvenate and create new connections. This also helps slowly develop and maintain the body’s physical capabilities and drive the mind away from unnecessary thoughts and stress.

 To see someone you love suffer from a memory disorder is heartbreaking. Yoga offers a very effective way to reconnect with your loved ones. Sometimes, even just seeing them smile is very rewarding. It is still better to be aware of yourself. Take action now before dementia and Alzheimer’s take their toll in your mind. Yoga instills composure while developing the body’s overall strength. Practice with patience and good intention, and let love shine!